Roger Alsop

December 2017 > Roger Alsop

Phasmid Studios/Melbourne University/VCA : artist in residency

Roger Alsop at Phasmid

During his residency, Roger has worked on two projects: the Acoustic AV Laptop and Sounding Finnegans Wake.

"In my creative work I explore the relationships between space, intention, and technology, and the intersections between creator, performer/presenter/presentation, and audience".

"during this stay a great deal of work was done that could not have been done anywhere else. The studio is possibly considered more as a residence for visual artists, but as a sound artist I found it offers many unique opportunities. The main studio room has reverberation characteristics that I have not found anywhere else.  I was fortunate to be able to work with three other artists, a violinist, a clarinetist, and a dancer, in the space in the creation of new works. To see the look on the face of each musician as they entered to space was a delight.  Their joy at hearing how the space responded to their instrument and performance, and the sonic opportunities offered, lead to new and exciting creative expressions. The works done in the space are currently being edited and will be available hereI am very much looking forward to returning to Phasmid for a longer time, to further explore what this wonderful, unique space has to offer."

The following links show the development of both works prior to the ones produced during Roger Alsop's residency in Berlin (for further information on these works and other projects please visit > 

Roger Alsop is a sound designer, composer, musician and media artist. His activities range through working with VicHealth, Regional Arts Victoria, Arts Access, Multicultural Arts Victoria, La Mama, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. His creative and collaborative works are in Electro-Acoustic composition, musical and audiovisual improvisations, live mixing, and sound and media design for performance. He also teaches Sound Design and Interactive Art (Victorian College of the Arts: UoM) and Electronic Music and Mixed Media at Box Hill Institute, and has recently taught Performative Architecture (Melbourne School of Design; UoM). His interests are in developing interactive approaches for creative works that enhance the fundamentally hybrid nature of modern creativity. 
He has recently had works and writing presented in the International Computer Music Conferences, Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society Annual Conference, Australasian Computer Music Conferences, International Society of Electronics Arts, CSIRO, the Prague Quadrennial 2015, and Melbourne Festival 2016.
  Victorian College of the Arts / Melbourne University