John Meade


VCA - Melbourne University

Born in Ballarat in 1956, Melbourne-based sculptor John Meade is one of Australia’s leading artists and has held regular individual and group exhibitions with galleries and museums since 1995.

Artist Statement: During my stay at Phasmid, I will be conducting research into early German Expressionist film and film sets, for an upcoming exhibition in Australia. I am interested in the way Expressionist style gave form to the artists’ emotional and subjective responses to the shock of the First World War. One hundred years later, new battle lines are being drawn, as we confront the existential threat posed by the environmental desecration of this planet. The challenge for me as an artist is that I wish to express this catastrophic systems failure, by summoning some kind of pre-linguistic force that leads us through. The filmmaker, Paul Schrader, would describe the forms that might emerge from this enquiry as transcendental style.

John Meade: Maquette for Everyday Devotional (2015/2016)

Making of John Meade's "Riverside Corolla"

This residency program is generously supported by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne.

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