James Geurts: August 2017

James Geurts August 2017 Independent residency program www.jamesgeurts.com Based in Melbourne, James Geurts completed his Masters of Art at RMIT Melbourne in 2009 and post graduate research at Vrije Academie, GEMAK The Hague 2011. Geurts’ produces site and time-specific projects that locate paradigms of measurement, focusing on physical forces and fields and the influence these … Continue reading “James Geurts: August 2017”

John Meade: February—April 2019

John Meade 1 FEBRUARY—30 APRIL 2019 VCA – Melbourne University artist page at Sutton Gallery artist page at Nets Victoria Born in Ballarat in 1956, Melbourne-based sculptor John Meade is one of Australia’s leading artists and has held regular individual and group exhibitions with galleries and museums since 1995. Artist Statement: During my stay at … Continue reading “John Meade: February—April 2019”

Archi Barry: October—December 2018

Achie Barry 4 October—20 December 2018 VCA – Melbourne University www.archiebarry.com Archie Barry is an interdisciplinary artist based in Melbourne who works primarily across performance, video and music composition. They are interested in cognitive estrangement and forging artistic and social strategies to create peculiar experiences of time and bodies. Across all their work the idea … Continue reading “Archi Barry: October—December 2018”

Barb Bolt: August—October 2018

Barb Bolt 4 August—30 October 2018 VCA – Melbourne University www.barbbolt.com facebook # barbara bolt Dr Barbara Bolt is a practising artist and art theorist and Professor in Contemporary Arts and Culture at the Victorian College of Arts at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Her publications include two monographs Art Beyond Representation: The Performative … Continue reading “Barb Bolt: August—October 2018”

Yandell Walton: May—August 2018

Yandell Walton 7 May—30 July 2018 VCA – Melbourne University www.yandellwalton.com http://yandellw.tumblr.com/ The impermanence of life is a major theme within Yandell Walton’s practice, creating installations that have a tension between the material and immaterial. Often working with architectural spaces or objects and combining them with projected images her immersive installations blur the actual and … Continue reading “Yandell Walton: May—August 2018”

Peter Hill : April-May 2018

Peter Hill April-May 2018 Independent residency program http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/peter-hill-interview Artist Statement Since 1989 I have been creating “Superfictions”, artworks that exist in the gap between installation art and literary fiction. These artworks ask “how do we know what is true and what is false within any given, mostly visual, statement?” In 2001 I completed my PhD … Continue reading “Peter Hill : April-May 2018”

Matthew Bax : April—June 2018

Matthew Bax 1 April—15 June 2018 Independent residency program www.matthewbax.com Artist Statement I have always been drawn to the beauty of the commonplace, visuals without artistic exertion or ambition, the backdrops of life: drips and stains on battered city walls, decaying tiles of public toilets. I welcome chance, automation and error into my process, and … Continue reading “Matthew Bax : April—June 2018”

Nathan Grey: July—August 2016

Nathan Grey 1 July—30 August 2016 VCA – Melbourne University www.nthn.gy Nathan Gray‘s recent, meticulously written lecture performances explore historical, technological and social circumstances imagining them as scores for possible futures, alternate histories and radically divergent presents. Often employing sound and video, in which his background lies, these evocative works invite audiences to imagine futures … Continue reading “Nathan Grey: July—August 2016”

Shoufay Derz : July—September 2017

Shoufay Derz 1 July—30 September 2017 Australia Council of the Arts www.shoufay.com Shoufay Derz’s work investigates the limits and possibilities of language, and the ambiguities faced when attempting to visually articulate the unknown. Just as the writer uses words to express the ineffable, her research engages the intersections between language and unknown worlds. The resultant, … Continue reading “Shoufay Derz : July—September 2017”

Artists Residents

All2019-Residents John Meade: February—April 2019 2019-Residents John Meade: February—April 2019 All2018-Residents Archi Barry: October—December 2018 2018-Residents Archi Barry: October—December 2018 Barb Bolt: August—October 2018 2018-Residents Barb Bolt: August—October 2018 Yandell Walton: May—August 2018 2018-Residents Yandell Walton: May—August 2018 Peter Hill : April-May 2018 2018-Residents Peter Hill : April-May 2018 Matthew Bax : April—June 2018 2018-Residents … Continue reading “Artists Residents”