PHASMID STUDIOS GbR, founded in 2015, enables international governments, cultural agencies and foundations to offer art practitioners and researchers the support to experience working and living in the enriching city of Berlin. 

Visiting residency holders will be selected by the relevant partner organisations, and applications will be submitted directly to our partner institutions.

If you are an artist interested in applying directly please contact us to check availability.

The building is currently in the last phase of renovation, and our program has just begun in the fully finished and fitted areas. Further information will be posted shortly.

phasmid studios

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Situated in an old GDR administration building, in a quiet semi-industrial area at the border of Lichtenberg-Marzahn on ca. 3.000 sq. metres of land, high quality residential studios, offer working and living spaces for international artists. Each studio has a flexible lighting system in work areas - all bedrooms have a double bed with linen - each studio has a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchenette.

20 minutes from the centre of Berlin, near the old stock exchange premises, the building holds 2 permanently occupied studios and 5 studios available for rental, each with generous work spaces and separate bedroom, bathroom and kitchen areas, internet connection, and one studio area reserved for functions and private use.

Our goal is to generate a stimulating environment that is stable and in flux, where collaborations and connections between artists of various disciplines and other art professionals are possible and can be made.

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The six temporary residential studios are available to institutions and art organisations for 3 to 5 year terms, to nominate the resident/s and provide appropriate support in the form of airfairs, living allowance, health insurance and other inherent costs.
We hope to provide a solid environment for organizations to secure a studio in order to support their selected artists, curators, writers or researchers.

Professional art practitioners who can demonstrate a high level of engagement may also directly apply for 3 months residencies, subject to availability. A letter of support from an established institution, art organisation or government body will be required.
All cost outlined in the above paragraph will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Principal Partners

Paul Greenaway / administrative head /

Felix Larreta

Ariel Hassan