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Jacquelene Drinkall

1 July—30 August 2017

NSW Government / Create NSW

Jacquelene Drinkall’s July-August Phasmid residency provides crucial accommodation and studio support to augment her scholarship study at the 2017 Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art (SFSIA) program on “Art and the Politics of Collectivity” based this year in Berlin, and mentorship with Warren Neidich, with funding provided by Create NSW Artist Support Grant. She will be exhibiting and co-curating individual and collective artwork with other SFSIA students at Spike Magazine Headquarters (where SFSIA is hosted this year) opening July 27 at Rosa-Luxembourg-Strasse 45, as a part of an exhibition exploring the notion of artist as editor. This year she will publish her text ‘Neuromodulations of Extro-Scientific Telepathy’ in Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism Part 3, edited by Neidich, and she is first author and co-editor with Neidich of Artbrain.org texts on Telepathic Art in the Age of Cognitive Capitalism – and Warren and I plan to launch our Artbrain.org work at this years SFSIA. At SFSIA Jacquelene is participating in intensive creative learning and research with leading artists, curators and scholars such as Jodi Dean, Bifo, Nicolas Bourriard, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Marie Luis Angerer, Matteo Pasquinelli, Tizianna Terranova, Yann Moulier Boutang, Ben Vickers, Helen Hester, Julietta Gonzalez, Ming Wong, Yuk Hui, Isaac Julien, Lambros Malafouris, Barry Schwabsky, Neidich and many many more: http://saasfeesummerinstituteofart.com/

Jacquelene Drinkall was born in Kogarah, Sydney, November 30, 1973. She grew up in Bathurst where she started art training as a teenager before studying painting, contemporary art and art history and theory at university at ANU and UNSW (AU) and ENSBA (FR). She has worked as an artist, curator and writer with a practice of gallery exhibition, live performance, independent research overseas, and representation within significant collections since 1994. Jacquelene Drinkall’s peer-reviewed international exhibitions include the 5th Riga Triennial (Latvia) and Beyond/Supernatural at QUAD Gallery (UK) and she has also participated as an exhibiting artist in Cementa Contemporary Arts Festival, London Biennale (UK), WAS Biennale (AU), Shanghai Biennale via virtual world performance (CHN), The Banff Centre (CA), Starkwhite (NZ), Art Basel Miami (US), Sydney Festival at Australian Centre for Photography (AU), CAST Gallery (AU), several exhibitions at Canberra Contemporary Art Space (AU) & seven exhibitions at Artspace, Sydney (AU). Her awards include the ANU’s University Medal in Painting, COFA Student Association Prize, Marten Bequest Travelling Art Scholarship, awards from AGNSW, Australian Postgraduate Award, 2015 and 2017 Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art Scholarship (CH and DE) and two scholarships from The Banff Centre (CA) – she has received a total of nine residencies, four international, including Banff Research in Culture “On Energy” last year. In 2016 she was interviewed by Parisian and New York journalists on her work with Telepathic Art. She has co-authored and co-edited an online exhibition on Telepathic Art for Artbrain.org in collaboration with her mentor Warren Neidich. She is cited as a world expert on Telepathic Art in Pascal Rousseau’s 2015 Pompidou Centre book on art and telepathy in the twentieth century. She works as an artist, curator and writer with a practice of gallery exhibition, live performance, independent research overseas, and representation within significant collections since 1994. She works in a wide range of art mediums and processes including handwoven telecommunication wire, sculpture, installation, real and virtual world performance, EEG neuroheadset interaction, participation, video, installation, photomedia, painting and drawing to explore telepathy and mind/body transformations. Her theoretical research into telepathic art has an increased recent focus on speculative philosophy, immaterial labour, cognitive capitalism, neuroplasticity and the brain. She holds a BA (Visual Art) H1 and University Medal, Masters by Research (Visual Art) and PhD in Art History and Theory.

Jacquelene Drinkall, Data Centre Seance: Titanpointe, video documentation of psychogeographic investigation of 33 Thomas Street aka Longlines building aka the NSA’s ‘Titanpointe’ in Manhattan, videography by Emanuel Migrano, performers: a psychic called Neptune Sweet aka Electric Djinn aka OmniJenn aka Jennifer Berklich, a hacker called Ryan Holsopple, a New York art collective called ArtCodex (Vandana Jain, Mike Estabrook, Glen Einbinder), and art critic Peter Hill, created for Cementa Art Festival in collaboration with ABC No Rio, funded by NSW Artists Grant, 2017.

Jacquelene Drinkall’s project “Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art scholarship/exhibition and Warren Neidich mentorship” is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

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