Archie Barry, Hypnic, 2017

Achie Barry

4 October—20 December 2018

VCA - Melbourne University

Archie Barry is an interdisciplinary artist based in Melbourne who works primarily across performance, video and music composition. They are interested in cognitive estrangement and forging artistic and social strategies to create peculiar experiences of time and bodies. Across all their work the idea of a single coherent self is questioned, variously through an aesthetic of non-disclosure and/or the uncanny doubling of their voice and body. In 2018 their work has been exhibited at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, The State Library of Victoria, Neon Parc (all Melbourne) and Artspace Sydney amongst other space. They have also given performance lectures and talks at the Melbourne Art Fair and the Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne) and have written for Art and Australia and Archer magazines. They are currently collaborating with Spence Messih towards a new performance at the National Gallery of Australia. Barry completed a Masters of Contemporary Art at Victorian College of the Arts in 2017.

Artist Statement: This residency will be used primarily for the research and development of new work for an impending solo exhibition in 2019. Quietude, pauses and silent exquisite gestures are recurrent elements of my artistic practice that I will have the space to explore during this 3 month residency. The solitude of studio living and Berlin entering winter form the perfect conditions for deepening reflective practices including meditation, vocalisation and qi gong. These forms of embodied awareness are critical to my work and help me to create a state of ‘unintegrated’ consciousness: being able to watch the thoughts and sensations of my body often provides ideas for performance and video work. 

Works from the "Someone Looks at Something or Not" series ( selection ), which draws on the Australian artist Peter Tyndall’s series “A Person Looks at a Work of Art/someone looks at something”. all works are digital drawings, 2018.

This residency program is generously supported by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne.

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